About 70mai Power

70mai Power is devoted to providing a customized green energy solution and service for indoor & outdoor use, low-carbon lifestyle, emergency support or anywhere you need access to power. From a single product to a diversified energy supply solution, we create value for our customers by making renewable power accessible.

Born out of 70mai, the world's leading auto intelligence company, 70mai Power leverages a fully-fledged product team with rich experience in battery products including jump starters and electric bikes. Taking "reliable" as its top priority, the team takes pioneering approaches in product design and manufacturing, to make every unit more durable, more efficient, and safer to use.

Structural Reliability
in Product Design

At 70mai Power, we believe premium design brings premium experience. From galvanized steel chassis to innovated three-way ventilation, we aim to optimize the space within our product to achieve the perfect balance between durability and mobility. This dedication to structural excellence, already demonstrated in our first product Tera 1000, will extend across the Power line.

Industrial Reliability
in Manufacturing

To ensure each unit works precisely as designed, 70mai Power adopts a fully automated production line to prevent errors or inaccuracies in traditional hand assembly. Once assembled, the power stations are tested through strict simulation analyses, which validate that the products meet their quality standard, and are guaranteed to operate safely when they arrive in your hands.

Recognized In...

“A smart companion that is guaranteed to make your life easier. The 70mai’s Tera 1000 brings a well-balanced product in terms of AC output power and battery capacity.”
“Here's something you don't hear me say everyday, the Tera 1000 is actually one of the best built power stations on the market today. It's obvious they didn't take shortcuts on materials.”
“Unlike any other competitors on the market, the 70mai Power Station has extreme durability. ”

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